Discover The Supreme Court On A Virtual Tour!

All sorts of businesses make use of virtual tours to showcase their venues, helping people who can’t be there in person see it as if in real life… all through the magic of 360 degree HD technology.

And just in case you need a bit of a prompt in this regard and still don’t think you need to have an interactive virtual tour to showcase your particular business, the very fact that a video has just been produced displaying the Supreme Court in this manner should be all the inspiration you need.

The BBC has just published the video on its YouTube channel, allowing people to explore the Supreme Court in Westminster and find out about where some of the biggest cases in the UK and the Commonwealth are decided on.

You can see Courtroom One, where some of the biggest cases are heard, as well as Courtroom Three, where cases are heard for smaller Commonwealth countries. Chances are that this will be the only opportunity you’ll get to see inside the Supreme Court (hopefully, at any rate!), and it really does showcase just how useful virtual reality technology can be.

If you’re suitably inspired and want to make your own video, get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help. Check out our website, where you’ll find some of the tours we’ve created for other local businesses in Manchester, including Dive Bar, Revolution, The Print Works, Tiger Tiger, The Milton Club and more.

What better way to bring new customers through your doors than by giving them a real taste of what they can expect from you and your brand?

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